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Just thought I would pass this along. Ulead (merged w/ Corel) is offering their full version of Video Studio X2 Pro video editing program for $49.99 (Black Friday sale). I've found this program to be relatively easy to use for first time video editors and you don't have to have the fastest computer on the planet to use the program. So if you have a video camera but have not made the leap to edit any of it, recommend you check this out.

Overview - VideoStudio X2

I also just bought a barebones computer from tigerdirect.com and slapped a 1 TB hard drive in it so should be good now for editing. I was sharing an older computer with my wife but the hard drive is near full plus I can't keep up with the spyware she seems to find so I needed my own PC.

Also if you have an HD camera, here is a little youtube trick:

YouTube videos go HD with a simple hack | Webware - CNET

Hope to get out a bit over the long weekend and get some video. See ya'll out there.
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