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Not nearly as good as Spearo's! :)

Todfish (Todd), Mako993 (Warren) and I arrived at the 4th island a little before 9:00...it was covered up with boats. I jumped in to check out the viz and it was pea soup all the way down. I ran into two large spadefish, but because the viz was so poor I couldn't shoot them because they were too close.

We picked up and moved to the 3rd island where we lined up with Spearo. Viz was slightly better here, but we must have been at the wrong tide. The viz was barely OK way up shallow in the rocks, but down deep (well...25-30 feet) it was still only 2-3 feet.

This was Warren's first spearfishing trip, so while I was checking viz, Todd was helping him gear up and get acclimated to the equipment and water. Warren's no novice to being in the water, but has been spoiled by the perfectly clear water of Hawaii. :) This 'grunt-diving' as I like to call it, takes a bit of adjustment. Well, he made that adjustment just fine. In fact he was the only one to put anything in the boat. He worked the rocks right at the shoreline and put a couple of Spades and a huge Triggerfish in the cooler.

After a while I gave up on trying to shoot anything and just enjoyed blowing bubbles and collecting shells and lures from the bottom. And a few whelk. I'm going to try to make Conch Chowder...we'll see how it goes, and I'll post a report on that! :)

Species list:

Black Seabass
Soft Coral
Blue crabs (TONS of them!)
Oyster Toadfish
Channeled Whelk
Hermit Crab
Sea Urchin

We wanted to be back in Richmond (and Warren in Alexandria) at a reasonable hour, so we left the island around 1:00.

Maybe we'll have better viz next time.

It was good to see Spearo out there. He's a brave man...swimming around the bend of the island, getting into the current! It was bad enough where we were...getting near the bridge would have been a bit scary. It was fun to watch him climb aboard and hand up his stringer of fish to his family.

Today most people were pretty good about respecting the dive flag. And most people we talked to weren't bothered by us being in the water...on the contrary they all wanted to know what was down there, and if we saw any spades. :)

Until next time...

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