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Pretty :censored: Frustrating...

Well here I am in Paradise, and despite the boards good intentions, none of ya can control the winds. The boat I have 20 foot Cape Horn, is just okay. I'd give my left nut for a set of trim tabs.

Anyway, I'm not complaining and don;t want to go off on a rant.

After three days of ho hum, finally got into keeper Yellow Tails uo to 16". Had a 20 " plus, but he won. Went through a few cuts, nad tried to teach my wife how to top water. Three Spooks later, she finally got the hang of it and caught a few cudas and I think a lady fish. Had a nice afternoon lunch on the water, to finish a decent day.

Winds are blowing all week. Not really sure what I'm gonna do. Wife will have an opinion that I may not agree with....:cool:

Have a good day.
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