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I still have room for two more folks, the cost is $35 and covers eveything from paddle skills to self rescues.

Here are the details.
Course - Coastal Kayak Basic Strokes and Rescues http://www.kayakinstruction.us/basic.htm. Emphasis will be on safe and efficient techniques for paddling in a coastal environment, we'll modify the course slightly for SOT kayaks rigged for fishing, and topics relevant to kayak fishing (strokes and rescues) and the experience level of the course participants.

This is an ACA course that will be registered with the ACA, participants will receive course completion cards after the course. For participants that have never taken an ACA course this will help build a foundation for future ACA courses, for participants that have taken ACA courses in the past this will help reinforce and continue skill development.

Requirements - No prior course requirement, participants must wear PFD’s when on the water.

Course Duration - full day, starting at 8 am - bring lunch, snacks, water...

Location - New plan - meet at Rogers A Smith Landing in Poquoson, we'll meet at the launch area (try to stay close to the grass area at the left of the launch as you look towards the boat launches... drop off boats and park cars fairly quick so we don't block the boat launch any longer than necessary) There are two launches, please only block the one on the left while unloading...people with carts can unload in the parking lot and meet by the grass area at the left of the boat launch with their boats. If you've never been to the landing check this link for directions http://www.yorkcounty.gov/parksandrec/parks/directions/rsl_dir.htm
We'll start with a shore side discussion, then launch and stay in the coves near the boat launch, break for lunch at the boat launch, then head out for the afternoon, finishing with rescue training.
(Time and energy permitting we may want to head out afterward to wet a line…)

Tide info – York Point, Poquoson River High – 9:31 am, 2.2ft
Low – 3:33 pm, 0.0ft

Equipment - Participants boats must be properly fitted with front and rear flotation (SOT fisherman may want to consider adding flotation to the hull by adding “pool noodles” or other additional flotation to the interior of the hull) and have standard paddling / safety equipment - paddles, PFD's, paddle float, bilge pump, and appropriate clothing for forecast weather and immersion. http://www.kayakinstruction.us/equipment.htm (I'll have spare paddle floats, pump, slings and rescue equipment)

Cost $35. (being offered to TKAA members only, compare to "typical investment" of over $75 for this course)

Sign up / Registration – through TKAA website, pay by check or cash at the landing when we meet.

Courses will be registered with (and reported to) the ACA, I'll need ACA membership numbers from anyone that's an ACA member.

Cancellation - if it rains plan on getting wet, lightning will put us on shore until it passes! (we'll get wet doing rescues, be prepared!). Location could be changed to accommodate predicted weather, I'll let everyone know by 8pm the previous night via the TKAA website (or phone) if we have to cancel (or change location) due to weather forecast.

I'd like to make this a fun opportunity for TKAA members to develop or reinforce safe and efficient paddling skills, and understand basic rescues so we can take care of ourselves and each other.

Area info / link for a sampling of York County Paddling trails... http://www.yorkcounty.gov/parksandrec/images/h20trail.pdf

Questions? Please either contact me or post questions on the TKAA website.

Victor Sorensen
[email protected]
(757) 234-4287
Cell (757) 234-1905
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