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I got a GoPro Hero 2 for my birthday back in late May and I've got quite a bit of footage that I'm getting the time to sort through now. Back in June, when I was fishing with the Kornegay's from Alabama, we had a good run of Yellowfin Tunas and I put this short video together......

It was late in the afternoon, around three o'clock, and we were getting ready to head back when this fish hit. We were drifting live Blue Runners over the mesa at Isla Montuosa when this fish nailed a weighted bait down deep. We knew it was big because it bent Doug Rolling's old classic 50# setup like a rainbow and peeled about half the line off the reel on it's initial run! This Yellowfin Tuna was going to take a while to get in. We had fought another bigger Tuna earlier in the day at Hannibal Bank and lost the fish right at boat side when it spit the hook. We knew that we'd be running back in the dark if we took the time with this one but we definitely wanted to boat this fish! Kim Kornegay fought the fish for about an hour and a half and then passed the rod to his son John.....the angler you see in the video. John took about another hour to get him to the boat before we got him to the gaff. We ended up getting back to the island around 9 o'clock due to running into an unexpected line of thunder showers that slowed us down but we had a 200 pound Yellowfin Tuna on ice that made it all worth it!

Please check it out and all our other videos at Propiedad de Paradise Lodge Panama YouTube Channel.

Captain Shane Jarvis
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