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Anglers Dennis Roark and Victor Maddens returned to fish with us to see if they could match the amazing time they had here in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama last July. They had seen my reports of all the Yellowfin Tunas here this part of year and wanted to give it a try. This time the guys decided to get in some rest & relaxation on the days in between the fishing and just hang out here at the lodge on the island. It was a good idea to get those rest days in because from right out of the gate we ran into some big Yellowfin Tunas!

The seas were a bit choppy and we dealt with some rain but it's the start of the wet season here in Panama and it's to be expected. We ran directly to Isla Ladrones area on the first day to see if we could spot any activity. A large large pod of Porpoises, with lots of Yellowfin Tunas, had been hanging around just south of Ladrones the week prior so I figured that it would be a good place to start. Sure enough... and only 12 miles from the lodge here on Isla Paridas, we come into some birds and Porpoises working. Less than 5 minutes after we put our first bridled Blue Runner in the water we get ate by a big 100# plus Tuna! The trend continued all day as Victor and Dennnis took turns on fish after fish until they could take anymore!

One day in between fishing the guys decided to take a trek around the island and go wildlife-watching underneath the island's rainforest canopy. Victor got some great photos of the wildlife here. If you didn't already know the lodge here on Isla Paridas is located 13 miles offshore inside the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park. The park protects an area of 58 square miles (mostly ocean), 25 islands, 19 coral reefs and abundant wildlife. We are completely "off the grid" as the island has no roads or electricity. We generate our own power with a state of the art remote electric inverter system. Solar panels, a large battery bank, and diesel generator at night to power the air conditioning units. Our well in a nearby creek bed that produces super clean fresh water year round! The island is covered by pure jungle that is criss-crossed by hiking trails which lead to many white sand beaches and is home to nesting sea turtles, sloths, ant eaters, snakes, over 280 recorded bird species, and lot's of Iguanas.

The second day of fishing went alot like the first but the weather was much nicer. The guys wanted to take back some Tunas steaks so we ran out towards Isla Montuosa to see if we could get into some bigger fish. About 10 miles south of Isla Montuosa I noticed a big mark of birds on the "TOP Cat's" radar and we came across another large group of feeding Porpoises with Tunas. The action was automatic as the Tunas were eating every bait we threw at them! We wound up keeping a couple of large Yellowfins up to 150#s and releasing many more. It ended up being an even better day than the first! Enjoy the pics....

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