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There is no better satisfaction for me as a Captain than to take a family fishing, watch them have a great time, and of course catch fish!We hosted two different father & son groups that fished with us last week here at Propiedad de Paradise Lodge. The Yellowfin Tuna bite here in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama continues to be on fire!

Chip Reid, his son Logan, and family friend Don Hunt all from south Florida stayed with us on the island for a couple of days to relax and do some bluewater hunting with me and my mate Valenzuela on the TOP Cat. Within two minutes of lines in on the first day, and again very close to the lodge here on Isla Paridas, we were hooked up on a big Yellowfin Tuna! We ran across the same large concentrated group of Porpoises that have been hanging around Isla Ladrones (only 13 miles from the lodge) for the past couple of weeks with the Tunas in tow. It only happens for a couple of months or so, each year....the Tunas hanging this close to the lodge, but when it does it sure is nice. Chip, Logan, and Don all caught multiple Tunas everyday and the action was non-stop! It was a great opportunity to test out all the brand new Shimano rods and reels we just reequipped the lodge with!

Eduardo Briceno and his two sons...Eduardo Jr. and Jose also joined us for a couple of days of chasing the Tunas. We started out around Isla Ladrones and found the Porpoises...but this time they were spread out and the Tunas were not quite as aggressive. The action wasn't as furious as the previous days but we still did very well. Eduardo was able to get away from the city for awhile, enjoy some time with his sons, and fill up his cooler with fresh Yellowfin Tuna steaks to bring home to Panama City!

Capt. Shane Jarvis

Propiedad de Paradise Lodge
Isla Paridas, Panama


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