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First time out this year. My one son is visiting from Charleston SC & wanted to do some fishing. The plan had been fly fishing on the Gunpowder, but the rain messed that up. We headed down to the Chic, since I figured everything else would be high & muddy. In the past after heavy rains the Chic always seemed to stay relatively clear. It was higher than normal, but not bad for clarity. We got down there about 0730 & fished from the bulkhead next to the boat ramp & from the bridge.

We used ultra light spinning gear, and tossed safety pin type spinners with 1/16 oz jig heads & curltail grubs, primarily gold spinners & chartreuse grubs. Nothing to brag about but we hooked & released a variety. My son got rigged up before I did & on his second cast caught a small White Perch. We caught several LM bass, all under 2 lbs, and they all appeared very healthy. I caught 1 WP that was about 11" long, but that was a loner. Several small Crappies & Bluegills were caught as well as a few Bullheads & Hickory Shad. My son hooked up with a bigger catfish, a Blue possibly, but it got off the hook right as he was trying to land it. It hit the small spinner & grub too. Got a quick look at it, maybe 20". As I said, nothing to brag about, but we had a good time!

Lot of carp splashing around in the weeds & saw a couple of huge turtles. Lots of other wildlife around also. Even saw a turkey along the road going in and 5 Sika deer running across a field. No pics unfortunately, didn't take a camera.

We had to head back about noon to go to a family event. Nice day of relaxed fishing, & had some pullage. :thumbup:
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