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Many kayak fishermen start out in paddle-powered kayaks and later switch to pedal-drive kayaks because of the ability to keep hands free while still moving and to use the stronger leg muscles for propulsion. Hobie and Native Watercraft are the two companies that sell pedal-drive kayaks. Both are high quality products but they use different pedal-drive propulsion systems.

I bought a Native Watercraft 2014 Slayer Propel 13 (SP 13) in December 2013, shortly after they became available. This kayak offers an efficient pedal drive system (Propel) that allows the user to move forward and in reverse. I have enjoyed the kayak and am now looking to update to the new 2016 version. Before I can do that, I need to sell my SP 13 (road cone orange color). It is my primary trolling kayak. I have brought hundreds of stripers over the rail in this kayak -- I believe it still has plenty of fishing mojo left in it.
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The kayak is in excellent shape with two exceptions noted below. 1) It does have some scratches but still looks great. 2) Last year, I hyperextended the rudder loading it in my van such that a few strands of the stainless steel rudder cable snapped. Most of the strands remained intact -- I have used it for nearly a year since that incident without any issues. I have a brand new rudder cable that will be included with the kayak if the buyer wants it.

I have maintained the Propel drive myself -- it is smooth and quiet. It pedals easily at 3-3.5 mph and can exceed 5 mph when pedaled hard.

Because of the hull scratches and the rudder cable, I am asking a price substantially lower than the 2015 SP 13 retail price of $2459 (the 2016 price will go up, but has not yet been announced). I am asking $1800. This includes the kayak, the adjustable raised seat, the Propel Drive, multiple gear tracks for installing accessories, scupper plugs, standard rudder, and two Scotty rod holders and bases that I installed behind the seat. Not included in that price are the front hatch cover (if you want it, add $60) and the installed Lowrance color FF/GPS (if you want it, add $200). The kayak performs like new -- I trolled for 4 hours last week, covering 11 miles and catching 17 stripers near the Kent Narrows.
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