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I forgot to tell you about George the pelican who must have thought those white and charturese schools of fish behind our boat might be worth checking out. Ole George comes into my spread flying low when the WAY FAR BACK line makes him cut a flip and tangles him up. Well we pulled ole George to the boat handled him with care and let him go. Well ole George is a little messed up get run over by the steel and try to fly into the flat line which again earned him a free ride to the boat. Well George made it away fine the second time and we think we say him again later that day as he flinched like was interested in our spread again but thought better of it and kept on flying.

For you guys in Broad creek and this especially goes for Jon Marker (house and dock 50 yards away)we had a 19" rockfish in the livewell Sunday that the guys gave a reprieve at the Chesapeake Cove Gas dock after cleaning the rest of their catch. He is my adopted pet Rockfish and must be released if caught. You will know him when you see him as he like 9" storms and does the Rockfish boogie when hooked. My biggest fear is that he will swim around to F dock and pick up bad habbits. Anyone catching him please release him and send him home to Slip 31 Chesapeake Cove Marina.

Have a good one

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