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Being the tackle ho that i am just thought i'd give everyone a review of the tackle i've had the pleasure of using. So, look forward to reading my threads in the future.
Now on to the review for today:
Penn really should have kept their manufacturing in the usa. The Penn Affinity 2000 spooled with 20lb power pro braid and matched with a Daiwa Coastal M 7' Spinning rod made a nice balanced setup. The line came off the spool ok but would get wind knots rather often. With braided line it wasnt pretty. Drag was good and retreive was smooth. The round metal knob was a nice concept but it got annoying (wierd feel and a little heavy)after a full day of casting for specks in Lynhaven Inlet. I'd give the reel a 5 out of 10 because of the line issue and the knob thing. For $129.00 the thing should have sported the Made In U.S.A. logo imo. Until next time.
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