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If you enjoy catching fish, any size of fish, last week the Middle and Upper Chesapeake Bay was the place to be. I was out on four fly and light tackle fishing trips last week, and the striped bass and bluefish just didn't stop taking flies or lures all week long.

This is one of the most beautiful sites you can see in the Maryland Sector of the Chesapeake Bay this or anytime of the year.

Menhaden Being Hit by Stripers and Blues

Click on Picture to Enlarge

Some locations held mixed sized stripers up to 23", while in other areas the largest fish caught were 17" and below. All locations had plenty of small size bluefish around them. There were quite a few charter boats trolling for spanish mackerels, where there were bluefish.

Frank Gilliam Caught this Striper on Topwater

Productive Flies:
Floating Line-Blados Crease Fly, 4", Olive/Pearl, 3/0 Hook
Sinking Line-Clouser Minnow, 3", Chart/White, 2/0 hook and Half and Half, 5", Green/Chart/Brown, 2/0 hook.

Productive Lures:
Floating-Large Chug Bug with all hardware removed. Attach a 18" piece of 30# test fluorocarbon to the rear of the Chug Bug on the other end tie a 5" Half and Half, Blue/White.
Jigging Spoon, Silver, 2 ounces

Fishing Tip: A good pair of binoculars can save you time and gas when trying to locate working birds or nervous water.
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