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Search back on TF - just lately there were some good posts about depth.

Take those charts with a grain of salt.It is best to make your own chart for your boat and your rigs.I find most charts are off and show the lures deeper then they really are.

Just the rod postion can change the depth.A rod up high on a hardtop will run shallower then one 90* out the side of a boat.Even rod length can affect how deep a lure runs.A 5'6'' rod will troll deeper then a 7 footer.

Best thing is to rig up your rods and put out the one you want to be your deepest.Say you want it to run at 35 feet.Set it out however many feet- then slowly troll into water that is 35 feet.If it does not bump bottom- let line out slowly until it does.Then write down how much lead and line length.

Repeat with your other rods.Best to do going from east to west on the western shore.You'll find lines run deeper going with the current (tide) and shallower against the current.

Also watch your meter when trolling.If you see a fish at say 22 feet and a rod gets hit within one minute- very good odds that was the fish you saw.Log down the weight/line out and figure that rod was about 19-21 feet down.Rock will feed up to a lure-never down ;-).

It takes a few trips to get a spread dailed in but is well worth the hassle.

With time- you'll be able to predict which rod a fish should hit after you see it on the meter.
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