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Hey Guys,
These days are too cold and have me messing with tackle, as I'm sure a lot of you are.
I'm thinking about respooling all my TLD 25s with 80 lb. Hollow Core Braid.
The Hollow Core is .020" diameter.
On George Pieper's Lure Depth Chart he has all of the specs / depths for 50 lb. Test FireLine (.019" diameter).
Are there any characteristics of either line that would make their results unique or can I expect to get very similair depths with a .020" Hollow Core as I would with the .019" FireLine?
I'm sure there are characteristics of different lines that would make the diameter irrelevant such as 30 lb. Test wire which also has a diameter of .020".
So, can I expect the same depths with the Hollow Core as I would with the similair diameter FireLine?

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