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Honerable Brothers of the mid-thigh deep pushpole snookliness,

I'll be headed down the March 24th trailering my skiff with noteable repairs to the casting platform accomplished over the winter. It normally resides at my father in laws house in Cape Coral and has been stuck in my cold in Virginia garage all winter (except when heated up for fiberglassing).

I usually visit several times a winter to enjoy the warmth and amazing fishery but because of the needed repair this will be my first trip this year. I'm familiar with most of the tried and true methods but long to hear that such small craft are being endangered by the wakes from giant snook charging their tooth marked spooks...

Gold spoons, arc minnows, and soft plastic jerkbaits in hand I await the wisdom that only comes from routine exposure to sun warmed flats and mangove forrests, and remain as always.. thankfull,

Ratherfish (Rick)

P.S. Special pearls of wisdom can be sent via b-mail, I'll pass along nothing but a smile (and your name if you make your living as a guide)
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