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Fished PLO with my friends Skip (27 Sailfish), and Mark (Mlag) along with Skip's son and my son the day after Christmas. With the reports we decided for the long hike to PLO for higher concentrations of fish. From the ramp we made a run to Smith Point Light area. We set lines at 8am and limited out by 9:30. We had about 9 fish before the flood tide ended. All our moring fish but one (solo chute wwb) came off of the planer rods rigged with tandems. Bite died for the tide change but when the tide began to ebb the boat rods became the ticket. We landed like 4 more fish on the green umbrellas deep (two of which skips 12 year old son pulled in :thumbup: ) while the planer rods remained silent

Largest fish was only around 40" and we did get 1 under 28" but some new records were set. My son landed his first two fish on one pole hook up. It was a just under 28" and a tagged fish that approx went 34". Tyler worked over a few fish too landing a couple of the larger fish.

Good seeing and hearing shome Judge Yachts out there. :yes:
Commok's 36 named Orion, Mushy's 27, Jerry P's 27 and mine made a good showing in the area :thumbup:

Skip and Mark have some shots of the fish that hopefully they will post in the next day or so. (skip is fishing again today)

I hope to get out one more day before the season ends. If I can get a kitchen pass I have hopes of a Solomons lauch on Tuesday for a shorter haul and hopes that the warm snap may allow the fish to move a little north. May make it a kids take all day too!

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Hey Greg...thanks again for a great trip...........warm and dry:thumbup: Here's Brennan hooked up on his "double"............

I didn't get a photo as things got a little crazy when we discovered he had two fish on at once, but here is a photo of another of Brennan's catch.........................

Great job Brennan:thumbup:

The next pic is one of Tyler fighting a good fish................................

Several minutes later, Tyler landed this nice 40+/- inch fish that was quickly released.....we didn't measure as we wanted to quickly get the big girl back in the water...............

Nice job Tyler!

As you can tell, the boys were having a blast. I think their dads were too:yes:

Memories with family on the water....................priceless...............................Mark

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Greg - thanks again for letting Tyler and me tag along.Here's some photos - I think the camera setting got bumped-alot turned out bad.

Great to see Bald Eagles :thumbup:.Even if far away.

I send in the tagged fish info - should be interesting to see the results.

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