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Got a late start on Saturday and left Hillsboro inlet at noon. We set up inshore South of the inlet just south of the Pompano pier at the bouys that come up from 30' to 8'. There is bait EVERYWHERE and there are Kings and Cero chasing them. We were able to land a couple of 6 to 10 lb Ceros on pilchards but you need to go with some lite wire. The water is real clear and the stealtheir the better.
On Sunday we were on the water at 6 am and went to 140' to try our luck at some Blackfin. We had heard a report that there were a couple of large blackfins caught and tried our luck. We had pilchards deep and not. Had no luck even though there were birds everywhere with as much bait as I have ever seen out there. We gave up after a couple of hours and trolled inshore with a brokenback rapala WWB and spoons. They hit the rapala in about 30' and we landed a couple of real nice kings up to 20lbs. I think if the water was a little dirtier we would have really have been nailing them because we saw fish skying everywhere. Finished the day with some reef fishing and landed a couple more Ceros and some small yellowtails with an occasional Lizard fish. All in all pretty good fishing but it could have been better because the fish were out there.
6 Kings
8 Ceros
10 Yellowtails
3 Lizardfish
1 nurse shard
3 strawberry groupers
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