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Started Friday night with a shot at landing a swordfish. We left Hillsboro Inlet at about 6 pm Friday headed ESE. The winds were calm and the seas were 2' or less. We got to the 1000' ft line after a quick 14 mile trip. Just as soon as we set our lines out, some bad weather rolled in with wind and forced us back in. No need to chance it on a 22' Twin Vee. Inshore we set up on a sunken boat in 48' and tried our luck with some bottom fishing. There were thousands of sardines hanging around the green light and we were catching nice sized yellowtails and mangrove's all night. After loading up the cooler, we headed in at around 1 am. Fished for the next 3 days mixing up bottom fishing and sailfishing. We couldn't make any long trips since the weather was so ***tty. We landed 20 different types of fish from grouper to cero and had a great time. There were people catching sails around us. Here is something fun to try the next time you are drift fishing between 120' and 80'. Drop a heavy duty sabiki down to the bottom and see all the different types of fish you will catch. Trigger, grouper, snapper, mackeral, fish I had no idea what they were. All in all it was a good time with lots of fish even though you paid for it with the bad weather.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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