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Left Sp 6:45 headed south to start at BPL trolled inside and out, managed a ghost pot (must have been left over from holloween) had to give up a 7 oz bucktail.
Picked up a 23 and an 18 back to back one deep one a 5oz tandem towards poplar island about 55 feet of water 54.3 degrees. Trolled a little for east west and north south with massive amounts of bait balls and stripers showing up on the screen but no takers.
Pulled in the trolling spread and set up a drift with a few eels just outside of the fleet on the channel edge, picked up a 30" within a few minutes. The first run on this thing was impressive, a total screamer. I was worried after it started to run because it was on 20lb test, we managed to get her in the boat in short time. Nice fat fish i wasnt able to weigh it but I got a few pics that I will post.
Very slow day, but well worth it.
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