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Well, my father and I got the boat out of the warehouse and headed down to Middle River where we put it in the water. Never been out of there before, but one of the guys at the office recommended it to us instead of the GP. Put the boat in and you couldn't see much more than 30-40 yds because of the fog. As we motored out we sounded our fog signal and looked at the sonar unit and gps for any nearby deep holes. Saw some bait on a few holes on sonar on the way out which we made waypoints to try next summer. We finally reached out on the radio and were told it was clearer farther south. We headed south and it cleared up before we went through one more small patch.

We got to the bridge checked out the pipe with no marks. We noticed a lot of birds sitting on the water and marked a lot of small fish. We went over to fish around the east rockpile and then decided to drift and jig around the north side of that rockpile. We caught a lot of dinks glued to the bottom. We had fun catching and releasing them on jigs all day. It was nice to be out on the water in November catching fish. We caught them up to 18.5".

We started to head home we got to outside the Patapsco and saw a lot of birds in the general area like we had noticed on the way out. We notice about 15 or so on a small spot and motored over. Noticed a few better marks glued on the bottom in 19 feet. Dropped my metal jig in the water, worked it, and it hits a brick wall! Feels like it'll keep! Put the fat 25" in the box. Drifted through and caught some fish about 12-15" and was watching my jig and the fish on the sounder. Drifted over a big mark glued to the bottom again, called the hit, and swing and miss on the brick wall.
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Good day with a fat 25" in the box and just about 100 throwbacks on ltj...

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