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Couldn't get out of bed Saturday. I finally got out on the water at about 9am near Whites Ferry and caught three fish only, two 16 inch and one 13 inch. Man, those two big ones sure did jump and pull. Caught all on a white or charteuse unweighted Senko style knockoffs. I had a few other good bites that I failed to land.

I was so exciting about screwed up taking pictures of both fish.
I think I pushed the "off" button instead the "shutter" button on my digital camera. I get home and try to show my old lady pictures of the fish and they weren't there

Since I it was so easy Saturday, I skipped church Sunday in anticaption of catching a motherlode of good fish. I drove the 28 miles and returned to the same spot. Got on the water at 6:00 am. It was pretty dead for the first couple hours. I had some bites and lost ("hooked" is more fitting, you can't lose what you never had) two nice keepers, one of which was about 14-15 inch, but only landed three dinks and a sunny in five hours of fishing. I had most of my bites on powergrubs.

I think water clarity and general fishing conditions are improved this year on the upper potomac. well, I guess I'll try again next weekend. [grin][wink] The best smallmouth fishing doesn't eve start for another month. It ain't ever easy though.[angel]
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