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Tfr's I need some help...

(this was on the bay board with no response...sorry if your seeing twice....)

I recently saw a prefabed aluminum RADAR mount for a t-top. The mount had heavy adjustable arms which slid up into a heavy plate which sat right beneath the top. It's very similar to the adjustable mount for t-top outriggers but mach larger in gauge and dimensions. This one has four arms projecting from the center piece which then bolt on to the two of the four bow-stern running aluminum frames, then heavy set screws lock the arms. Then it's drill and wire.

Also, what's the reccomendation for where the boats and wires go through the fabric top material.

I'm now in need of finding this bracket and can't seem to remember where I saw it.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and where to look please let me know.

I've checked catalouges...BPS, BW, WM, BUS, Cabelas, Capt. Harry's. I know I saw this thing either in a store setup (somewhere between Annapolis and Gklen Burnie) or in a cat....

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