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Pretend Fishing Report~~~~~~

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Did not fish today, but wished I had... Dreamed of catching Monster Flounder, but of course it was a wet dream.... :D

Hope to get out this weekend for a little fun in the sun and then post a real report on the new site if it is ever up.....:)

What will we all do with a little speed behind the board... No more Waiting on a SLOWWW RESPONSE.............:eek:

I know a lot of members will be happy when it's complete...;)
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Since it's a "Pretend" fishing report, I will pretend to read it!

Glad to see the new site
Gotta love it!!!!

Isn't technology great!!!Can't wait to see the site rolling at full speed ahead!!!:) Love the report! Look forward to fishing with you again in the future sometime Lucian. :)
it is a little different and will take me a little time to get use to!
looks like we are all "baitfish" for now.........
looks good

Can't wait to fish again ? Good luck when you go .........;)
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