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Well, I put some miles on the boat yesterday, but what a glorious day it was. I finally found birds and fish off the rips, but although there were lots of birds and apparently lots of fish, the action was slow on the fly rod. I got one 20" right off the bat, then only sub-18s, and not not so many of them. It was good to see Shortylong and Butch out there. Sorry I missed Brandon. The bird action slowly diminished and died. I hung around until 2.30 or so, then headed towards Deale. Found more birds and very spotty action close in near the radar tower, and that stopped as if someone had thrown a switch about 4.10 pm so I went home. From what I saw, ltjers did a bit better than the fly rod, but it was a spectacular day and great if chilly to be on the water. For what it's worth, I saw absolutely nothing on the east side.

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