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My son and I launched from Harbor Hospital ramp at 5:30am to an easy ride across the bay to our 1st stop to throw top-wate under the lights. It was still very dark when we arrived so we were careful not to make too long of casts that may land on the pier. We had a dozen hookups but all were 12-14 inch fish. No big fish were breaking the surface. As the sun came up a little more it was time to move to the shorelines for bigger fish.
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On my son's third cast a big hit and splash and a nice 22 inch in the cooler. We both had big hits on the top-water plugs that managed to get off halfway back to the boat. We had plenty of pressure on the fish all the way and still got off. Once we have a solid hookup and rods bending we don't usually have that happen on plugs. We had netted another 6 fish but all in the 16 to 18 inch size. The sun was up so we decided to run to the poop plant to see if the discharge was running and it was. A few charters running back and forth thru it but no activity there. We then ran further back into Curtis Creek and caught a few perch and catfish. At 10:15 we decided to call it a day and head back. My son was driving the boat so I asked him to stop back by our spot where we had the big hits. We threw our storm shads to get down a little deeper and wouldn't have guessed we would hookup on 8 more fish this time of the morning. I landed a fat 19.25 inch to limit out. Time to go home. Here's a picture of the fish with the lures we caught them on.
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