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My son, fishing buddy and I left Harbor Hospital at 6:15am on a low tide and winds out of the West at 5mph. The temp was 34 degrees not counting the wind chill going across the water. No protection from the cold or wind on my 19' skiff. With the tide out and not moving, nothing hitting on the shorelines. The slight winds were not helping with keeping the boat parallel to the shoreline. We managed to get one 19.5 " rock before we went looking for perch. Last weekend I saw fish schooled up on the sonar and threw down a small jig. I was surprised too see they were perch, since I have always cast spinners for them in the past until they moved out. All the years of fishing them never looked for them in the late fall/winter. I took night crawlers for them this weekend to see if the would bite them better than small jigs. Not one bite on the night crawlers, but the did like this gold jig.
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Took a pic of the perch stacked up, at times the screen was full.
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It was a slow bite but we kept 15 nice size ones.
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Does any one on the forum know why their mouths are red this time of year, is it the colder water temp? Like I said, I have never fished for them this late in the season. I took a picture of the guys, they were definitely bundled up for the cold.
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