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Seems like every year when folks up north in the United States are putting way their fishing rear as cold weather approaches we are just getting started here in Puerto Vallarta. In October we will have several fishing changes happening this month. To start with we have incredible fishing. If you have a certain fish on your bucket list then fall fishing in Puerto Vallarta is where you need to be. Let’s take a look a just a few of the fishing changes that will be taking place this month.
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The one change everyone loves to hear is the weather. Yes, the weather changes from hot to just almost perfect. This slight temperature dip triggers some of the most unforgettable fishing we offer each year. When we down here in beautiful Mexico see the weather getting cold up in the states we know it wants to be long until our perfect fall weather kicks into high gear. This morning it was around 74 deg. The other big factor that happens in October is the rain stops. It’s like we have a light switch and turn it off in the middle of October. The rain will be missed until next June when the rainy season starts again. Until then it’s pure fishing. If you are looking for a big marlin we have here in the Fall. Want to catch the fastest fish in the world? We have them here in Puerto Vallarta. The sailfish is the fastest fish hitting speeds of 75 miles an hour. The fishing season is about to change here in Puerto Vallarta to great to I can’t believe it. Besides the sailfish and huge marlin, we also have dorados, wahoo, tunas, and fantastic snapper fishing. These pelagic fish love that water temperature to be between 72 to 80 deg and guess what. That’s what the water temperatures will be all Fall long. Looking for a certain or have questions about fishing in Puerto Vallarta? Please take a look at our questions and answer page. Full of info about all the different fish we catch all the way to questions about prices, seasickness, and the different boats we offer. I also offer our toll-free number from the United States and Canada. 800 430 6048. This is where you can get your questions answered in just a few min from one of our top Captains with years of experience. Try it out.
When we start seeing these perfect water temperatures, beautiful blue water, plenty of bait, and sunny days you know the fall fishing has arrived.
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Most of these offshore trips will be eight hours plus. Be sure and ask via email at [email protected] or our toll-free number to see what we have been catching and where we have been finding these huge and good-eating fish. One of the really big advantages we have over most fishing companies is that we fish every day. We have several boats and are always on the water. When you fish every day you get a good feel for where the fish are biting and what baits are working the best.
If you are a hard-core fisherman or a family going out for fun we have a boat for you. We do many offshore fishing trips each week but have more families coming out with us as well. Just let us know what your interests are and I’ll customize a special fishing trip for and family or buddies.
During the fall months, we have many repeat clients so plan on booking early to secure the fishing adventure of your dreams here in Puerto Vallarta.
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How do you know you are getting a good deal just check out our prices and compare to TripAdvisor. While you are there please take a look at our reviews as well.

Hoping I’ll see you out there on the water and wishing everyone one tight lines
Capt. Pete and crews
p.s. don’t forget about the upcoming tournaments we have here in the Fall months
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