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I pulled this from Pier and Surf, but it's worth a look for those that missed it:

I just received this. It seems that our access and use of ORV on Hatteras and the barrier islands of NC is again being assulted by these hanky waiving pansies that do not fish and believe that they should force their will upon us. We too have a right to use the beaches to pursue our passion to fish. I implore everyone to write and make your voice heard.


Ken, Back in Nov. I sent you an email asking that you write a letter explaining why you come to Cape Hatteras. That request was based upon the Call To Action section from the OBPA newsletter. The Call To Action was a simple request for anyone who visits CHNS--send a letter to our Superintendent telling him why you visit CHNS-memories of your visit. The purpose of these letters is quite simply to provide input (as requested by our Superintendent) for the upcoming rulemaking process that will govern ORV (Off Road Vehicle) use at the seashore.

Recently the Audubon Magazine issued a similar call to action. The Audubon's call to action is titled "Beach Bums" http://audubonmagazine.org/features0701/incite.html. The article begins with the following statement then proceeds to support this statement with a variety of unsubstantiated reports, including accusations regarding vandalism and harassment.

"off-road vehicles (ORVs) monopolizing barrier beaches on North Carolina's Outer Banks, aborting nesting attempts by colonial waterbirds, oystercatchers, threatened piping plovers, and threatened and endangered sea turtles; crushing eggs and young of all these species; and imperiling and/or intimidating the roughly 90 percent of visitors who travel by foot."

Based upon the above, it is more important than ever that you write your "memories" letter. If you don't, the only input our Superintendent will have will be the letters initiated by the above inflammatory article that relies on half-truths and, in some cases, downright misrepresentations of fact. If you are not certain what to include in your letter, two good examples can be found at-just speak from your heart and you will do fine. It would also be helpful if you could forward this to anyone you know who visits CHNS.

Send your letter to (with copies to your Negotiated Rulemaking representatives):

Superintendent Mike Murray
Cape Hatteras National Seashore
1401 National Park Drive
Manteo, NC 27954

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (252) 473-2595

Please send Copies of the same letter to either CHAC or OBPA-Attention: Larry Hardham.

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club
P.O. Box 145
47231 Light Plant Road
Buxton, NC 27920
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