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After reading 2 weeks of BIG fish reports, I was dying to get out. Thursday morning we left the Manokin River @ 6am with small craft warnings looming. We banged or way in 1-3 footers 22 miles to buoy 72. Approaching the channel we put the boards out. While sending out the 3rd line a white tandem got smacked and John Flood landed his biggest to date a FAT 43incher:clapping2:. About an hour later we had a MONSTER on that of course got off after only a few mins. We weren’t marking a lot of bait, but we were marking fish. 45 mins. later a 22inch dink came over the side that hit a Stretch 25. Things were quiet for a while when another white tandem got smacked and Fred Holsworth landed his personal best, a healthy 38incher:thumbup:. Seas were building to 2-4 when I decided to switch out a chartreuse tandem for a single white chute. 15 mins. later that single white got smacked by a health 36 incher for Bill Rorher another personal best:yes:. By now the bow of my 25 Parker was dipping pretty good into 4 footers and we called it a day. Luckily we had a following sea and made it back in about 1 ½ hours. We didn’t kill em, but it was a good feeling knowing that all of my crew caught their biggest fish ever.

Well we passed out by 9 the night before :yawn:with w/ more wind and small craft warnings in the forecast, the next day wasn’t looking good. I got up to use the little boys room @ 5:45 expecting to go back to sleep. I came out of the bathroom lights & T.V. on and 2 guys staring at me like it was Christmas morning and I was Santa. So I told them if they wanted to give it a shot I was game. I said plan B was we could try some trolling in the Sound if it was too snotty and that’s what happened. It was so snotty that I didn’t even bother w/ the boards and set out only 6 rods. I put some smaller baits in the spread thinking we were more likely to find smaller fish in the sound. Things were quiet for the first hour w/ 1 throw back. We were off of Winona in about 50ft. of water, both of my crew were relieving themselves :nono:when a Stretch 25 got hit. Whats a captain to do? I started reeling in the fish when the other Stretch 25 went down hard. Let the Chinese fire drill begin. With only 3 guys on board today and 2 fighting nice fish, I made the call to put her in neutral and shut her down. My fish came to the boat first, a nice 38 incher. Fred’s fish had other ideals and gave him a fight on 20lb. line he won’t soon forget. About 10 mins. later he was rewarded with a BEAUTIFUL 45incher:eek2: coming over the side. We marked fish for another hour w/ no takers and called it a day.
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