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Mom and I launched from Shipping Creek at 2:00 yesterday. My boat had been out of service for some mysterious reason that turned out to be chaffed wires in a wiring harness so my main purpose was really to convince myself that the boat was actually fixed.

But my secondary purpose was to try and catch fish! I told Mom that the timing was poor because the tide was about to go slack - turning from ebb to flood. I figured it would be about an hour before we found feeding fish. I knew to start looking in 40 feet of water and we found feeding fish right away.
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We caught three fish (22, 22 and 24 inches - pretty much what I expected based on the sonar shot). That took about five minutes and the bite was done. Slack tide. We never found feeding fish again.

Great to get out on my own boat again. Mom had a 22 inch fish for dinner. I felt a little less frustrated.

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