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Last weekend it was time to snow!
Today's a day that the gale will blow.

Here in the Tidewater we are trying to weather,
The storm's that prevent us from getting our "act" together.

We yearn, we pray for the sun to warm,
These chilly waters running cold with storm.

The flounder seem to found a way,
To gather at the mouth of the Bay.

The armada of boats becomes a sign,
That the Season is here, and it's about time!

We care not one iota for the noble Striper.
We have exhausted them like an astronaut's diaper.

There are Tog, Tile and the good Sea Bass,
If only the weather would let me get off my ass.

A day off from work, a little respite,
Could I PLEASE fish, my prayer is contrite.

What was my sin that I should suffer,
No relief from work, my soul needs a buffer?

To relieve our minds from the stress of work,
Catching fish can be a real "perk".

So we will clean our gear and prepare for the day,
When the SUN comes out ......

....and we can PLAY!

....Enough said......

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