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Rabbit beagles for sale

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I have three young rabbit beagles for sale will jump and run theirr own rabbit,just a little over 1 year old not quite trash proof yet but getting easier to break off.I have killed rabbits in front of these dogs.600.00 for all three will not seperate 1 week trial 757 4840899 before 9 p.m.
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These dogs have been sold!!!!
yeah jon we killed 2 more and threw a couple away.had some good races considering the wind and how dry it was.Shellfish yeah last week when the ground was frozen and it hovered around freezing my dogs and all my buddies that rabbit hunt said the same thing they couldnt run a rabbit in a full loop.You did right hunting in pines with a canopy the dogs can smell better because the ground is less likely to freeze up but it doesnt matter how good your beetles are its tough hunting in those conditions.I sold my dogs just because they dont quite have the nose and hunt I want but they were only a little over a year and doing really well.I hope I dont regret selling them but I am going to get into a different line of dog here soon. GOOD HUNTIN
Damn,is this tree man richard?if so i have completly forgot to call you really.sorry about that.i would say johnsons seafood in eclipse but i havent seen them oystering recently.they were tonging oysters uup burells bay but havent seen the boat leave the dock in a while.they are probably goose huntin ,anyway the farm market has them eastern shore and james river but your gonna pay for them there.that is about the only place loc ally i know of.you can try and call culpeppers in portsmouth he may have some.good luck
I sold my dogs but am getting another line going soon.A friend of mine killed 22 saturday and said the dogs ran for 6.5 hours nonstop.
Not sure what kind of cover they hunted this past week but the week before hunted some wide open timber that a tornado went through the previous summer and tore down a lot of big trees and limbs making the cover come back thick and they killed 17 that day.My other hunting buddy killed 12 sat hunting 4 year old pine thicket.Dogs ran slow in the morning but as they day went on they ran him like they were tied to em!!
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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