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Being in the Marine service business I can tell you from personal exp there are pros and cons to the Racor Filter vs Canister Filter assemblies. The Racor filter alllows you to see the water that is trapped in the bowl and drain it out which is a temp. fix as you need to replace the element when returning to home port not to keep on using it. The Racor uses 3 seals on the filter and a plastic bowl all of which start to disolve over time while exposed to ethonal fuels,should the ethonal mix highly exceed 10% the drain plug seal will disolve,dump fuel into your bilge and in some causes siphon the fuel from your tank as we have seen on several occassions. The Racor also uses a cheaper exterior coating which rusts quicker and are twice as expensive as the Yamaha canister.

The Yamaha canister you cannot visibly see the water in it but it only has 1 seal on it, is 10 micron rated, does not tend to rust and streak your boat, and are half the cost of the Racor replacement canister. Yamaha also only has 2 sizes (sm & LG) and is standard stock at any dealer and many marinas, whereas Racor has many different models and if you happen to need one away from home it isn't as easy as asking where the closest dealer is.

Several of the other manufacturers are not 10 Micron, but even those that are use less of a filter element inside of the canister. The cheaper the filter the less filtration element inside just like a large hollow space or they use different types of cheaper filtration elements used in construction and the bonding glues that also dissolve. We know this from cutting apart filters off boats that come in with fuel issues.

As in all cases you get what you pay for.
You still need to carry a spare filter element and plan on replacing the element every 3 months as a cheap insurance policy. For those of you that are just now being forced to use Ethanol, please do some research as the repairs for clogged injectors or carbs is costly and not covered under warranty.
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