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Shawn ,, nice reports Buddy;-), now if you could call me before your next trip,, 2 hours in advance will give me plenty time to jump im my truck and down to the boat. Ill need specific directions on where your heading, GPS coordinates are always good:thumbup:

Will need a detailed list (Just text me) of lure selectin , leader length, material,, etc:D
also if you could in advance know what color the fish are hitting on that will give me a chance to shop at martys:))

Also is there any selected jug bands or blugrass bands that you think will attract the fish to the boat, we would like a detailed list of that as well.:clapping2:

And also would like to know the catching ratio say, for instance do you catch more or less with the "DOG",,aboard, cause i got one tooo,,, he likes the boat.:yes:

and most importantly,, do i really have to drink natty bo to catch a 30er,,,
cause i will:cool2:

Get er done,, Bill
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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