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Im just back long enough to pick up Jr. So going to give you the short and sweet version. Fished Tuesday with Mickey Hopkins and crew and caught over 200 croakers 20 or so right at 2lbs. Fished 2 hours just to stay on the bite Wed and did well. Johnson crew today with 150 to 200 nice fish with the biggest going 2lbs 8oz and the second biggest going 2lbs 4oz. Many fish 1.75 lbs or better. Bloodworms best today with Rapp sandwich and bloodworm fish bites best tues. All Fish caught from the mouth of Lagrange creek to old Bouy 9. Ill post pics on my website of these catchs and what ever I catch tommorow and Sunday. Anyone wanting to fish better call in sick and fish tommorow cause Saturday looks like a blow out.

Have a good one

Bobby Jenkins
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