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If you're looking at a Carloina Skiff, then a head and other creature comforts aren't a requirement. I'd look for a 20 or 21 foot center console. Having fished the Raritan while growing up and now living just off the Chesapeake Bay (and fishing it), I would look fro a center console that had at least a 21 degree deadrise (at the transom). This wouls afford a good ride.

Get a hard top. This will give you shade in the summer and you can rig it with clear curtains and fish for stripers thru the winter (In Virginia and NC) and be relatively comfortable.

This is what I would do with the information you provided.

Oh yeah, and I would get a two stroke outboard. They are lighter in weight for the horse power deliverd and the newer ones like the Envinrude E-tec gets better fuel mileage than some of the 4 strokes.

Good luck with your new boat.[excited] [excited]
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