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Planned to fish with my daughter on a rare weekday off for us both, but as fate would have it her body clock didn't cotton to the 5:30 wakeup call. Oh well, solo again out of South River a tad later than usual. Didn't want to mess with anticipated holiday traffic north of bridge so headed to the lumps south of WR Green#1. Sure enough a mess of charters passed, headed for the bridge. Anchored up to chum in 32' but the few marks petered out with no takers - at all. Against my better judgment decided to run during slack up to Hacketts. Tried to fish up a few spot - no joy. Joined the chum crowd at the green can and spent more time bouncing in wakes than I could have ever imagined...ugh.

Like a yo-yo, headed back south to try some structure north of my original location, this time in 27'. With chum running out, a rod finally took off. Thought it might be a nice rock as it came up and moved laterally after initial hit & run, but was not to be. After gaining some ground the rod took a nose dive the reel screamed and the ray took off for the EB running right under my motor mount. Snap went the line and for good measure, the top rod guide. One more runoff didn't come tight and the day ended with a skunk...but hey, it's fishing not catching.

BTW, a quick Spot report: over the past 10 days, have tried a well known West River location, Hacketts and a place or two in South River that have produced in the past and no sign of 'em...hope they show up soon.

Bluewater 2350 out of the South River
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