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(Well, I got your attention...)

I need to borrow a Raymarine Classic series chartplotter for testing. Size doesn't matter, merely the ability to power up and talk to my RD218 (analog) radar.

My cabling appears OK based on pinning out the pairs for both data and power, but my MFD (what manufacturers call multi-function displays) keeps showing, intermittently, "No Data Source" on the radar.

If another working MFD does the same thing, it's a good bet it's the radar. If it reliably powers up and returns a scan-and-zoom, it suggests an issue in the MFD.

Either can be remedied but I don't want to chase undiagnosed faults, as it could be expensive as well as time consuming to deal with both ends (MFD and Scanner).

Anyone with a reasonably accessible Raymarine Classic MFD (analog radar) - ours is a real PITA to remove from the binnacle housing - for me to borrow for a few hours? I can even drive, if not immediately in the Vero area...
Please advise soonest if you can help. If it's today, I'll buy dinner, and if you want one, get you a Mr. Manatee's Tee tonight! 🙂
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