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Reason I couldnt go to CBBT this year...

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Cameron Grace Gill
Born 12/27/08 8lb 14oz 21.8" long (She's a keeper!)

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Congratulations Jamie and Family :thumbup: TAX write off just in time:yes:
Congrats Jamie you will have a lifetime of joy with her !

Congrats. Fishing is the place to be...kiddies sleep good on rocking boats.
Congrats Jamie.. What a pretty baby.. I bet your one proud daddy...:yes:
Congrads Welcome to the big Legion of Dad
Never too early to start stockpiling the ammo for the frist date and start digging the lime pit in the yard for the first heartbreak
Congrats Jamie.

I have a girl named LILY:D She is 12 now, but I remeber the day she was born:clap:

Also I was born on the Dec. 28. Another Capicorn:D:thumbup:

Enjoy every minute because she will be 12 before you know it:D

Congrats, Jamie!

you have two beauties there!
Awesome good job!:thumbup:

.. can you go to the CBBT now?.. I mean, of course you wouldnt want to miss the blessed event, but now what holding you back?..;-):D

Happy New Years!

Thanks boys! Grandpa already got her a pink spinning combo... only a few years to wait!
Congrats. I have to agree with all of the other posts. They grow up all to quickly.

Woohoo!!! That's awesome. Who would have wanted a 50 pound fish when you can have a bundle like that?!? Congratulations.
Congrats to you and your family Jamie .... :rockingreport:
Congrats, Jamie
She will have you wrapped around her finger in no time
Enjoy, I wouldnt trade time with my kids for anything
Was a hard pill to swallow at first, not being able to run and gun when the fish are biting
Soon you will learn that the fish come back every year, you aint missing nothing
Makes you appreciate those trips even more
Beautiful little girl!!
Congrats Jamie!!:thumbup: Now the next thing you have to do is get that Baseball Bat polished up!Before ya' know it ,those Boys will be chasin' after Her.:D.My Daughter is 22 now,You can have my old Bat,Don't think I need it anymore.:D[Mike]
Absolutely Beautiful!

Good for you Jamie!

Jamie and Family
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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