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Was in Myrtle Beach last week and, as always when down this way, spent some time fishing with Gene Dixon of Delta Guide Service out of Georgetown.

Fished Tues. and Thur in the marshes surrounding Georgetown. On Tues. Gene put us on a lot of fish but the fish weren't in an eating mood. Ended the day with 8 to the boat. Fish were from 5-12#. All fish were caught on jigs fo different types.

Thur was was a different story, the fish were still there, but now they were eating. Ending the day hooking 25 fish and landing 17. Again most fish caught on jigs, they didn't seem too be interested in spoons. All fish released and ran from 5-11#. Was a great trip and can't wait to get down there again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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