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Reel Protector's

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I recently bought a rod holder/cooler surf fishing rack for the front of my Suburban. I have seen and would like to buy some reel protectors so that my equipment is not full of bugs by the time I make it down to the Outer Banks. I have searched the forum, searched Bass Pro and Googled and I have come up empty. Bass Pro had something like what I've seen but not exact. They're like a sleeve with a velcro closure that surrounds the reel while transporting. Does anyone know where one can buy these protectors? Thanks for your help.

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Most of the obx shops offer reel covers with thier own logo. better ones are padded with drawstrings top and bottom so you can leave them on the rack when rig is being used.check hatteras jacks,red drum,frisco r&g,TW's.....you get the idea.BTW It's not a good idea driving down the road with rigs in the rack... very hard on equipment, covers or no covers...once on the sand covers keep a lot of sand out of reels but you still have your guides & rod to sweat.
Thanks hardhead! I never thought about the guides. I will NOT drive with rods/reels in outside.

I use a set of Barrecrafters to transport my rods from home to the beach. One stone chip in a graphite rod and your done.

BTW: I gave up on the reels back a while back. I have 4-5 out in the shed that have not been used for years. They are just too much time and effort to take them on and off while on the beach. Just rinse your equipment down with freshwater every night when you get back to camp and don’t worry about it.
Yeah, don't drive all the way down with them in the rack. On the beach (or 12), use a sock or a purple crown royal bag if they are sold out of the real reel covers when you get there.
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