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Team ReelTime extends a Hearty Congartulations to Mr. Pat Vincent of Fredrick, MD and Mr. Ken Zufal of Virginia Beach, Virginia on a Stellar day of Rockfishing aboard ReelTime! Here's a quick summary of the day's results:

These guys went 5 for 5 and the four they brought back were between 40 and 44 inches.

Cograts Pat and Ken !!!!​

Here are the details: The water temp was 49.7 and the winds and seas were calm as we departed the Marina at 0630. We ran to the 1st honey hole and floated live bait into a 1.5 knot incoming current. It was subtle as several lines started to twich... and then all havock broke loose as the drag on the back starboard reel took off! The 1st knockdown of the morning was underway.

Mr Pat Vincent took the con and he and the fish started to dual. 1st Mate, Carl gave Pat a few rod management pointers and Pat continued to work the Rockfish. The fish finally surfaced, but then made another run out and then turned from STB to Port. We cleared lines so that Pat could keep pressure on the fish without getting tangled. Pat made headway, but when the fish saw the boat, it ran again...

Nice Rock!!! - Congrats and WTG, Pat !!!​

This was a 30# class fish and let us know it wasn't too happy about things. The fish made several more runs and Pat did an outstanding job of keeping the right amount to pressure on the fish. Finally, Pat wore the Portley Rockfish down and 1at Mate, Carl netted it and brough it on board! Nice Job, Patrick!

Next On-Deck was Mr. Ken Zufal and he warmed up by doing a few calisthenics on the upper Sundeck as 1st mate, Carl and I reset lines and redeployed rods. After Ken finished his Jumping Jacks he came back down to the lower deck and prepared for the fight... The current and wind made for a nice drift and bait presentation suddenly, Blamo !!! The Port Side WWB rod went down and it was FISH-ON ...

Congrats to Ken on this Very Nice 44" Striper !!!​

Ken fought the fish and it, like Pat's it made a strong 1st run. Ken did an outstanding job of fighting the fish and it too, took a several runs before he could wear it down. Finally, we netted it and brought it aboard. Outstanding Job, Ken !

With 2 nice 40+ inch Stripers in the box, we made a few small adjustments to our rigs and continued on. I lost track of time, and I think we had a few Dog Fish episodes, but we rotated through 3 more very nice Striper as each guest took turns:

Another Nice Rock for Pat !!!​

And a while later, Wam!!! FISH-ON! Again. It was Ken's turn again as he handled this one with the poise of Bill Dance and the vigor of Tred Barta ! ...

Congrats & Nice Job, Ken !​

The day was moving on and with the air temp approaching 70 degrees, we had a fog creeping in from the west. So, we decided wrap it up and head for the barn.

* * *

* * * <>< * * *​

Overall, it was fun day and our efforts paid off as we brought back 4 nice keepers at 40", 41", 44 and 44" for our Clients. Carl and I really enjoyed hooking these guys up with some awesome Winter Rockfish Action!

Please feel free to check out more reports and info on our Fishing Report Page at www.TeamReelTime.com.

God Bless & Good Luck to All - Have a Safe New Years, Tight Lines and See You on the Water,

Captain Fletcher Dunton - USCG Liscensed, OUPV

PS - We still have a few key dates available so let us and we'll be glad to setup your next charter aboard ReelTime! Call Fletcher at 757-292-7702 and book today.
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