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Hello all. In a couple of months I will be heading back down to merry merry Beaufort, SC and was hoping someone could help me with a few questions. I was stationed there about 3 years ago but I suspect a lot has changed since then. I still have a house on Lady's Island and will primarily be fishing offshore in my 26' TwinVee Weekender. I have tried the Charlestonfishing website for the answers to some of these questions, but for some reason I'm not able to register as a member and their "Search" feature hasn't produced anything substantial regarding the Beaufort area. Thanks in advance! A'ight, on to the questions...

Is there a dry stack or lot storage in Beaufort area that someone can recommend?

Where do you guys put in when heading to the big blue? Last time I was there I used the landing on Battery Creek, but it is about an 8 mi run to the Sound.

How far is the typical run to the Gulf Stream (more specifically, good Tuna/Wahoo/Mahi fishing)?

All input/suggestions are appreciated.


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Try putting in at Hunting Island, just before Fripp. The ramp there has been upgraded in the last few years. Also, check with the guys at Bay Street Outfitters in Beaufort. They can probably tell you more about locations, conditions, etc.

I trailer my skiff down from Annapolis a couple of times a year. It's a great area for fishing, shrimping and just enjoying the marsh ecosystems along the Atlantic Coast.

Good Luck!
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