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Got out to New Point Comfort on Monday, east of the lighthouse. Gulls working!! First time this fall I've really seen 'em active. Lots of baitfish all over that area; gulls almost over to Eastern Shore and up to Wolf Trap, it seemed. I could see a lot of small silver sides; couldn't tell if there were menhaden too. The rock seemed to be random over the whole area; very small pods of active feeders, but we and others seemed to be picking up random fish all over. We caught 'em on a red/white Stretch and white-tail grubs.
Not really hot fishing; two on the morning tide and three on the afternoon tide, and all 19" or smaller. Still, the first time this year I've seen 'em working. Beautiful day; wind never picked up as forecasted. We left them feeding about 2:30 to head back; looked like one of those days where they could really pick up right before dark. Only three other boats in sight; plenty of water for everyone. I think the water is ALMOST cold enough. Lots of bait out there, and even saw a few bait pods up inside Mobjack near the East River.

When we cleaned our keepers, all were fat and full. One had 5! small spot, and one had a 6" Speckled Trout inside.
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