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Fished again today, This time it was me my father and my two cousins from tennesse...I asked them if they wanted to catch a bunch of fish, or maybe have a chance at a few big fish...We typically take them every year around this time so they wanted to catch a big fish...Left the barn at 0730 and had a beautiful ride across the bay this morning. Got set up on our first drift, and about an hour into it i decided to make a move...As soon as we moved and set lines back out i made an observation about the fog, as i told the crew to look how it was rolling onto the water from land...Seconds later we were hooked up on our first fish and my cousin taylor brings it to the boat...By the time we had netted the fish and weighted her, the fog had moved in on us. Set lines back out and had a quick second run that didnt come tight...Spent the rest of the morning in thick fog listening to people on the radio who had no clue where they were...Radar is a great thing to have. Made on more move to try another drift and called it a day at 1300, cousins had to be in to do other things.

2 Runs
1 fish landed

40 inches

Caught at buoy 18 on eel 15 feet down.

Tight lines
Capt. Jordan
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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