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well the wife decided to wash some clothes before we heade back tro Hateras.So here we go with some pics.

First day kinda slow but we found the line and area we wanted to fish.

total for the day

second day much better

me tied to a real nice mahi on light tackle

white marlin jr caught

jr after the traditional off the dock dive

total day 2

first fish on the BIG SEXY on day 3

you know when you start with this your gonna have a good day

to many pics but here is the total for day 3

The blood bath will continue tomorrow when JR and I continue to seek new fish to bleed on the decks of BIG SEXY.The shark was bailed while we were bailing for mahi.We also saw a BBBIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG tuna but wasnt ready for him and he did not come back to our chum.We saw 7 billfish on day three and one was a 450 plus Blue marlin who missed our ballyhoo three times.JR saw him fiirst and said oh my god dad look at the size of that blue marlin trying to eat our bait. [grin][grin][grin][grin]
He is so pumped and mad because we had to take a break today for my doctors appointment that was scheduled 6 months ago.My little bro Sam caught the sailfish after an hour battle.Tommorow is my turn to for the billfish so we will not see any.I will be back Sunday to post some more pics and give some more details.[excited][excited][excited][excited][excited][excited]
Mike and Scott you are both welcome on my boat any time as you both did your share of shagging baits without grumbling.Nice job on the hook up Mike.Jr was bouncing off the walls and cant wait to get another.He was wide open soon as you all left.He is a little slow to warm up new people.Well gonna get back on my way to Hateras so to all Good luck and Good night.

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Great report and pic's Richard , boy do you know how to put fish in the boat. I have a good friend coming down your way Rich Berkey and I going to tell him to get in touch with you, he is not trailing his boat down and would like to get out one day. He put a post up on the board, .
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