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Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) does not think that local governments ought to have the right to set up municipal wireless networks and offer high-speed access to the Internet at low cost to their residents. He's authored a bill that would permit state and local governments to offer telecommunications services only to those areas not served by a private company. (Regardless of whether or not the private sector would charge much, much more for the same service.) If it passes, Sessions' bill would be a big win for telecom companies, including SBC Communications. According to Slate Magazine, Sessions is a former SBC executive who as recently as 2003 held SBC stock options worth at least half a million dollars.

Federal investigators and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating Senator Frist, whose family founded and whose brother sits on the board of HCA, because the stock sale occurred shortly before a poor earnings report. That report caused the stock price to fall by 9 %...


Senator Frist also sponsored the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit bill in 2003. HCA had a clear legislative interest in this bill. Lobby disclosure reports filed by a lobbyist firm working for HCA, The Smith-Free Group, indicate that it lobbied members of the Senate on this bill on behalf of HCA. Senator Frist owned HCA stock at the time
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