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To find out what a political party REALLY stands for a historical preview is priceless. Lets look at the Ronald Regan legacy .

Lawmakers must have had fun in that binge of tax reduction, but the fiscal hangover proved to be a bear. Almost immediately, lawmakers began to have second thoughts. Deficit projections began to rise sharply, worrying traditional conservatives who still believed in balanced budgets. When those deficits began to materialize, pressure grew for a tax hike. In 1982 Reagan agreed to a substantial tax hike. More followed in 1984 and 1987, further eroding the 1981 reductions.
WWW. Taxhistory.org

Therefore the tax and spend Democrats did not exist at this point but the tax increases of 1982 1984 and 1987 stand as a Republican legacy.

Isn't it amazing what facts will do to political propaganda:eek2:
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