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Spring Fishing is now on-- thursday,friday had charter boats with blackfin tuna everywhere boats with numbers all 20 plus per boat with scattered wahoos but tornados, heavy storms made tunas hard to find but 76 degree water has now moved into to 40-50 fathoms. Saturday afternoon had great gaffer action and by sunday gaffers for the whole fleet. Lots of bait ,flying fish were thick, big bunches jumping, told crew to get ready something eating, hard turn into them and then there he was behind teaser, came out of water bait sideway in his mouth, Bluemarlin did not come tight, sure was pretty, he was short and thick 175/200#pds.Have good weather coming. Two up coming weekends are open.Fill your freezer now!
Call us with any size group and join us in NC before we move back to OC, MD May 23.

Thanks from the Restless Lady
Captain Sean Welsh
443 373-3413


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