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Well Now That Im Back I See Alot Of New Names On Here.....glad To See This Place Is Growing With Good Fishermen...anyone Who Is New To The Sport And Wants To See Some Rigging Videos Free Just Let Me Know And Ill Put Post Up The Ballyhoo Rigging Videos Just Let Me Know Wich Ones ....split Bills,guacs,circle Hook,and Ect.....!

To All The New Guys Hello And Welcome...a Few Pointers For When Fishing Gets Going ....this Place Is About Info....when You Post A Report Try And Give Your Td Numbers Temps,patterns,colors, And Speed...me And Alot Of Other Guys On Here Do Major Intel Gathering Before Going Offshore To Get The Most Out Of The Trip...lets Face It This Sruff Isnt Cheap..!anyhow Good Luck To All It Wont Be To Much Longer And Will Be Splattering Tuna Blood All Over The Boat.....

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Welcome Back Jimmy....i Enjoyed All Of Those Vids And Would Like To Have Access To Them. Would Be Great If They Could Be Posted Here...i Need A Refresher On The Circle Hook ....gotta Learn That This Yr. Is It True That You're Fighting Tim Sylvia In Ufc 68? Just Kidding, I Need To Get Down To One Of Your Ufc Parties!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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